My name is Mike Gordon and I am an authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant for the Commonwealth of Australia. 

A Civil Marriage Celebrant is someone who has been appointed by the Australian Federal Department of the Attorney-General to solemnize marriages in Australia pursuant to sub section 39 (2) of the Marriage Act 1961.

I have been a Civil Marriage Celebrant since 1990, residing with my family at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast and having conducted in excess of 2,300 marriages.

I am a Justice of the Peace (Qualified) and a serving School Principal, having been involved in the teaching profession throughout the State of Queensland.

Marriage Ceremonies:

I am happy to assist you to develop a personalised ceremony for your special day by offering you a variety of ceremonies, poems, readings and vows to choose from. Alternatively, you may wish to write your own ceremony. You may wish to involve family members or special friends in your ceremony.

My major aim is for you to be happy with your ceremony for this most special day. After all, it's your ceremony, not mine, and I will assist you to ensure that your ceremony reflects your individual requirements and beliefs, at the same time ensuring that all legal requirements are met. 

Your ceremony may be conducted in a park, garden, private residence, function centre or a place of special significance. Ceremonies normally take approximately 20 minutes to complete, including the signing of the register and certificates.

It is important that you book your ceremony, time and venue with me as soon as you have determined these details.

I like to have two meetings with you. The first meeting to take place not more than eighteen months and not less than one month and one day prior to your wedding and the second meeting to take place within the last two weeks immediately prior to your wedding. At the first meeting, you may complete a 'Notice of Intended Marriage' and I will discuss your ceremony with you and provide you with a booklet of ceremonies and suggested readings for you to peruse at your leisure. The meetings normally take place at my residence however special arrangements can be made for couples who reside interstate or overseas. 

My fee for conducting a marriage ceremony is very reasonable. I do not believe in charging highly inflated or unnecessary, exorbitant fees.  A non-refundable deposit fee of at least $50 (which is part of the total fee payable) is payable when you lodge your 'Notice of Intended Marriage' with me. Any fee remaining is paid at the second meeting.


You need to complete a 'Notice of Intended Marriage' form (supplied by me) at least one month and one day and not more than eighteen months prior to your wedding. This normally occurs at the first meeting. At that time, you will be required to produce evidence of birth and, if you are a divorced person, or a widow or widower, evidence of your divorce, or of the death of your spouse.

Once lodged with me, the 'Notice of Intended Marriage' is valid for a period of eighteen months.

You need to complete a Declaration (normally at the second interview), which I have, in my presence prior to your wedding, declaring there is no legal impediment to your marriage with your partner. 

At your ceremony, there must be two official witnesses who have attained the age of eighteen years. The full names of your witnesses need to be furnished to me prior to your ceremony for inclusion on the official Certificate of Marriage which is forwarded by me to the Register-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages to register your marriage.

Other Ceremonies available:

Commitment Ceremonies offer a less formal approach to the celebration of a
partnership by providing you with a unique and very special opportunity to celebrate the union of two persons. We would design a special ceremony to honour your commitment to each other to suit your requirements, your beliefs and your lifestyle. 

These ceremonies are to reaffirm your vows previously made. You may for example, have been married overseas, away from your family, friends and home, and wish to have a ceremony at home to share your joy and happiness with those closest to you. Alternatively, you may wish to reaffirm your vows to celebrate your anniversary, whether it be one year or 50 years. Whilst such a special ceremony provides you with a very special opportunity to reflect, rejoice and celebrate your years together, it also allows you to recommit to the future by renewing your vows and involving your children and grandchildren in the ceremony.

These ceremonies welcome a child or children into his/her family and community of friends. The role of parents, grandparents and godparents/guardian is also celebrated in a meaningful and individually designed ceremony.  These ceremonies normally take place during the child's first 12 months but may be conducted at any age.  Family members and friends are encouraged to participate in these ceremonies by undertaking readings etc. Naming ceremonies in no way inhibit the child from any future religious or non-religious commitments or beliefs he/she may undertake later in life.


"Personalised ceremonies professionally conducted by
 a friendly and experienced celebrant"

To arrange your special day, contact:

MIKE GORDON - Civil Marriage Celebrant


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